Amplifying the voices of foster care alumni


Podcast host Angela Tucker sits down with Re-Envisioning Foster Care Champions — visionary leaders using their lived experience expertise to improve life outcomes for our nation’s children and youth in foster care. 

The conversations range from deeply personal to “what if” theoretical debates, with a focus on honesty and clarity. In the world of bureaucracy-heavy child welfare reform, Innovate! is a refreshing example of real-world stories and insights.

Angela Tucker is an internationally recognized speaker on issues of adoption, race, identity and inclusion. She was adopted from foster care by white parents. At the age of 26, she found her biological parents, and shared the journey publicly in an intimate documentary titled “Closure”. The film had a successful run in the film festival circuit, followed by streaming runs on Hulu (2014), Netflix (2015-2017), and Amazon Prime Video (2018-2021). Angela has since produced other published media, including her book, “You Should Be Grateful: Stories of Race, Identity, and Transracial Adoption”, available on Amazon and in bookstores across the country.