Treehouse at Olmsted Village

Kids who’ve been in foster care, their families, young people at risk of aging out and older adults, all receiving robust and responsive supports in a new, inclusive neighborhood.

A Treehouse Community planned for an urban setting

We are excited to announce that Treehouse at Olmstead Village, Boston, is in the planning stages. Seeing the success of the community in Easthampton, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts gave Treehouse $2 million for expansion into the Boston area.

The last parcel of the former Boston State Hospital in Mattapan was awarded by the Commonwealth to our Treehouse housing partner, 2Life Communities, and the New Boston Fund. We are part of a larger development, Olmsted Village, a vibrant neighborhood that includes additional housing for older adults and affordable home-buying opportunities.

Supported by a variety of funding sources including city, state and federal affordable housing funds, the new community will provide well-designed, energy efficient, affordable rental homes: 12 (three, four & five bedroom) apartments for families, 8 studio apartments for transition-age youth, and 46 apartments for older adults.

A new neighborhood designed to be a village

The community is designed to promote interactions across the generations and includes:

– The Treehouse Community Center
– Large commercial kitchen
– Outdoor gathering spaces
– Internal walkways
– Large, central multi-use courtyard

Addressing a Need in Boston

Mixed race family of 4 with a man, woman, and two children

Family & community for children from Boston-area foster care
There were still more than 9,000 children in foster care in Massachusetts as of September 2021. Of these, more than 600 had been in foster care for 17 years, meaning they will probably age out of the system without family and community connections.* Treehouse will provide affordable housing and intergenerational support for families who are parenting children who have experienced foster care in Greater Boston.


Support, housing and training for youth in transition from foster care
Treehouse at Olmsted Village will have affordable rental studio apartments for young people exiting foster care. Individualized support programs and job skills training will help these young community members form permanent, trusting bonds and ensure their successful transition to adulthood. Treehouse programs will also engage the larger community, serving Boston youth at risk of aging out.

Purposeful living and affordable housing for older adults
The Boston community will provide older adults with inclusive opportunities to learn, build new friendships, and live with purpose. With research showing that isolated older experience greater loneliness, Treehouse offers joyful, active living in a vibrant community of all ages. Children and families rely on the patience and experience of the older adults, who in turn feel needed and respected.

The location in Mattapan is ideal for creating an inclusive, intergenerational community.

• New construction, designed with our mission of support and engagement in mind. For example, older community members’ apartments are interspersed on the property for more opportunities to connect with younger residents
• Adjacent to additional affordable housing for older adults and families
• Next door to Mass Audubon’s Boston Nature Center, which provides intergenerational outdoor activities, gardens, and walking trails