Truth Tellers Theater Ensemble

2023/2024 Season

Truth Tellers Theater Ensemble (TTT) is a free after-school arts and advocacy opportunity for Western Mass teens ages 12-18 and young adults 19+.

It’s for those who have experience with, or a particular interest in, foster/kinship care, adoption or other lack of permanency like homelessness.

The Ensenble is offered by Treehouse Foundation and the HEROES Youth Leadership Program, in collaboration with the Arts Integration Studio in Holyoke, MA.

TTT empowers youth to make a difference in their own lives and communities. Members do not need any prior experience in theater or other creative arts. They only need the willingness to show up and work together.

Young people have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and work together to create meaningful, funny, and moving scripts, as well as build sets and costumes.

They perform their works locally, as well as for their legislators at the Massachusetts State House in Boston!

TTT is a perfect extracurricular for a resume or college application. Stipend opportunities are available for all participants.

Be part of a group that speaks truth to power.
CREATE a play.
Tour it to the Boston State House.
Speak out and build hope!