Other Programs

HEROES Youth Leadership Program

The Treehouse HEROES (Helping Everyone Receive Our Everyday Stories) Youth Leadership Program is a membership-based program for young people impacted by foster care and adoption.

HEROES is designed to offer opportunities civic engagement, character growth, and leadership development, and is a growing and evolving catalyst for teen engagement in the Re-Envisioning Foster Care in America Movement.

Our three-fold mission — to change, to teach, and to build community — is accomplished through an intergenerational partnership where the voices of young people are included, and respected. Through the arts, adventure, and advocacy we encourage these kids to be leaders in their own lives, the lives of their peers and families, and ultimately their communities.

Is HEROES a "therapeutic group or program?" Is HEROES "therapy?"

While we understand that the work we do and the relationships we build are powerful and healing by design, HEROES is not a therapy group or program. Teens may naturally share parts of their life experience with peers during activities, and staff and/or volunteers are always present to help young people process their experience. We rely on the judgment of families, caregivers, and other referral sources to determine if the HEROES experience is a good fit for any particular candidate. If you have questions about what we can and cannot offer, please give us a call.