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HEROES Youth Leadership

What is the purpose or mission of HEROES?

The young people who participate in the HEROES program benefit from skills development applicable to their daily lives. However, the HEROES program also has a public or outward mission. The vision for the HEROES program was created collaboratively with youth and adults and reads:

As HEROES we are devoted to empowering youth to create a better foster care system. Through connecting with others and building relationships we will make everyone feel comfortable and a part of our community. By changing people’s perceptions, we will make a difference.

The three pillars of the HEROES mission are:
• Change – Members are trained and supported to be leaders and advocates for youth currently in foster care and those who have emancipated from it.

• Teach – Members are trained and supported to be educators spreading knowledge about foster care and adoption.

• Build Community – Members create and develop a supportive network of individuals committed to the health and well being of all youth in the Pioneer Valley.