Who We Are

Board of Directors

"I'm a foster/adoptive parent, and now involved with the courts in supporting children in foster care. I see Treehouse as a beacon of hope for improving our foster care system. Treehouse demonstrates the efficacy and power of providing intergenerational community for families and children. This innovative model also creates public/private partnerships to ensure that children in 'the system' have better outcomes."
~ Sue Alexander, Treehouse Board Past President

  • Leykia Nulan, M.A., President

    Assistant Provost for Diversity
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  • Stephen Linsky, JD, Vice President

    Attorney and Mediator

  • Bill McGinnis, Treasurer

    Retired Technology Consultant

  • Kim Stevens, Secretary

    North American Council on Adoptable Children

  • Betsy Daly

    Former ED, Boys & Girls Club, Foster Parent

  • Jack D'Amato

    Marketing Professional
    Foster/Adoptive Parent

  • Ramon Lorenzi

    Founder, Social Worker Connect
    Retired DCF worker

  • Louise Nicholas
  • Carla Oleska, PhD

    Vice President of Institutional Advancement
    Elms College

  • Representative Ellen Story

    MA State Representative (1992 - 2017)