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Amnoni Myers

Amnoni Myers

Amnoni Myers (pronounced Ah-mon-knee) is a dynamic child welfare advocate, public speaker, consultant, and #1 Best Seller of her recent book You Are The Prize: Seeing Yourself Beyond the Imperfections of Your Trauma.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Amnoni now resides in Tulsa, Ok through the Tulsa Remote program where she relocated from California in November 2021. In 2017, Amnoni received her Masters of Public Administration degree from the National Urban Fellows Program in Manhattan, New York. In this prestigious program, Amnoni was placed at the California Endowment located in Oakland, California where she worked on The My Brother’s Keeper Initiative for young boys and men of color.

As a consultant, Amnoni lends a unique perspective to the work as her experience travels from her own experience of aging out of the foster care system and returning to the system as a professional to lead efforts of envisioning a better child welfare system. Amnoni previously worked with the U.S. Children’s Bureau as a child welfare policy consultant as well as interning on both Capitol Hill and The White House Domestic Policy Council where her policy recommendations on improving the system were picked up by a Senator and turned into a draft legislation.

Amnoni graduated from Gordon College with a double major in Social Work and Sociology and completed a Social Work and Peace and Conflict Studies Practicum in San Francisco, CA. She has also traveled to South Africa to study Race, Class, and Gender. Amnoni became a ward of the state at birth, and through her experiences, in foster care, she became committed to helping others understand the importance of their voice and experiences so that others can break the cycle of poverty. Amnoni has received numerous awards for the contributions she has made to child welfare nationwide including being a recipient of The Re-envisioning foster care champion award, The National Urban Fellows Ron Gonzalez Memorial Fund Leadership Award, and the Philip J. And The Rockstar of the year award. Amnoni is a compassionate and driven individual dedicated to reshaping policies affecting divested populations.